Promises To Keep – by Ann Tatlock (2011)

Promises To Keep


We all make promises, and then try to keep them. In this story by Ann Tatlock, a mother promises to protect her children from harm, and ends up fleeing to another town to get away from her abusive husband. The story is told from the viewpoint of her 11-year-old daughter Roz.

There are multiple story lines in the novel:
Roz finds an old lady sitting on their front porch, insisting that this is her house. The woman (Tillie) ends up becoming a huge part of Roz’s life, and teaches her about God.
Roz’s mom has to adjust to being a single parent, something she has never had to do before.
Roz’s dad will do anything to get his family back, and Roz is torn in her feelings for him.
Roz befriends a black girl about her age, even though it not socially acceptable.

This is not only a good book to read, it is also a good one to listen to on audio. The reader is an older woman, who sounds just like what you think Tillie should sound like. Either way, this story is a winner.


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