Among The Hidden – by Margaret Peterson Haddix (1998)

Among The Hidden

What would life be like if no one but your family could know of your existence? Luke has to remain hidden at home, and has never known anyone other than his parents and older brothers. His whole world consists of the house he lives in, and what he can see through ventilation slits in the attic. Luke desperately wants to be able to go outside, meet people, have friends, and do what everyone else can do, but the government has outlawed having more than two children in any family.

This book reminds me of the Old Testament story of Moses being hidden by his parents to spare him from the Pharaoh’s decree that male Hebrew babies be killed by throwing them in the river. Although this book is short and labeled as children’s literature, I would disagree. The main character is a child, but the themes of totalitarian government, free will, repression of speech, and infanticide are more suited to teens and adults.

“Among The Hidden” quickly pulls you into the storyline, and makes you feel tremendous compassion for young Luke. The book ends in uncertainty, but six more books follow, meandering here and there, but eventually giving a satisfying ending to Luke’s story.

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