IBM And The Holocaust – by Edwin Black (2001)

IBM And The Holocaust

This book is written by the author of “War Against The Weak”, the classic history of eugenics. In “IBM And The Holocaust”, Mr. Black again thoroughly researches and documents the facts, and a large section at the end will give you each and every source he used. At 528 pages, you will probably not remember every person or event in the book, but it will make an indelible impression on your mind.

IBM owned and maintained the Hollerith machine, a tabulating device that could store and sort census information, rather like a primitive computer database. Before and during World War II, the IBM corporation supplied the Nazi government with as many Hollerith’s as they needed. As a result, the Nazis had a database of every individual who was part of an undesirable category, making it easy for them to arrest, detain, and kill Jews and other groups during World War II.

How could an American company be so involved in the holocaust, and not know what was going on? The answer: they did know what was going on, but turned a blind eye to the atrocities being committed because the profits were too good to be given up. Yes, in the end, the money was more important to IBM than the millions of people that were hunted down and exterminated.


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