A Room Of My Own – Ann Tatlock (1998)

A Room Of My Own

Life is good for young Ginny Eide. Her father is a respected doctor in their town, her mother runs their large home with pride, and many happy hours are spent with her best friend Charlotte. Ginny knows that there is something called the Great Depression, but she is untouched by it – until the day her uncle, aunt, and cousins move in with them. Then she is asked to give up something precious to her – her bedroom.

What I loved about this book was the way each member of Ginny’s family adapted to the situation they found themselves in. It wasn’t easy. They were affected by a dwindling income, an overcrowded house, growing homelessness around them, and the struggles of workers trying to organize a union. This is a story of a family that battled the Great Depression, and ultimately won because they stood together.

Excerpt (from page 63):

After a moment I asked dully, “Why can’t they stay in their own house, Mama?”

“I told you. Your uncle Jim lost his job a few days back, and since he and Sally are already in debt, they won’t be able to keep up with the rent. They can’t stay there.”

“But can’t Uncle Jim get another job?”

Mother sighed heavily. “Not likely. Not in these times.”

“Well,” I asked hesitantly, “how long will they be here?”

“I can’t answer that, Virginia. I just don’t know. But it could be quite some time, so don’t get your hopes up that you’ll be getting your room back any time soon.”




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