Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels – by Mindy Starns Clark (2003, 2011)

Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels

Callie Webber is a PI who works for a wealthy philanthropist she has never met, investigating people and organizations he is thinking of donating money to. It’s Callie’s job to determine if they are worthy of the gift. In addition to her regular job, Callie spends time helping battered and abandoned women get back on their feet. One of the women is accused of murdering her boyfriend, but Callie simply can’t believe that she did it, and starts her own investigation.

I enjoyed this mystery, both for what it contained and what it didn’t contain. There was no vulgar language or behavior, and no grizzly descriptions of dead bodies. What the story did contain was a young woman who converses regularly with God throughout the day, whether she is frustrated or terrified or happy. Callie relies on God, not just on her own strength. This is a refreshing read for anyone wanting a clean mystery.

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