Happy, Happy, Happy – by Phil Robertson (2013)

Happy Happy Happy

So you’ve seen the show “Duck Dynasty” on tv or DVD. It’s entertaining, but you wonder if the people on the show are different in real life. Check out “Happy, Happy, Happy” by the patriarch of the family, Phil Robertson. Throughout the book you can see his great love of nature, fishing, and hunting. Family life revolves around fish, frogs, squirrels, and ducks. Phil describes in great detail the sounds of each duck and how difficult it is to make a perfect call whistle for each one.

One story that you are sure to love is the one of Phil dealing with guys that are brazenly stealing fish right out of his nets. First he tries running them off with a shotgun, but it really doesn’t solve the problem. What finally works is amazing!

In addition to talking about fishing and hunting, Phil gives a vivid picture of his life growing up dirt poor, his marriage to Kay at a very young age, failures and successes while raising four sons, and finding faith in God. It is written in a witty, straight-forward style that folks can read easily and enjoy.

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