One Second After – by William Forstchen (2008)

One Second After

What would happen if our country was attacked – not by an atomic bomb or chemical poisoning, but by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)? Life as we know it would screech to a stop. Every computerized device we depend on would abruptly cease to operate. No modern cars, electricity, telephones, refrigeration, or even back-up generators. We would truly be set back a hundred years, without the benefit of know how to keep ourselves warm and fed.

This novel shows the effects of an EMP on a small average town. At first everyone pulls together and shares. But time goes by and nothing gets better. People get more and more desperate for food and medicine. Things get ugly as the weeks and months go by. This is one scary book – pray it never actually happens.


“Look, John, something’s up. Got a problem here. I gotta-”

The phone went dead.

At that same instant, the ceiling fan began to slowly wind down, the stereo in Jennifer’s room shut down, and looking over to his side alcove office he saw the computer screen saver disappear, the green light of the “on” button on the nineteen inch monitor disappearing. There was a chirping beep, the signal that the home security and fire alarm system was off-line; then that went silent as well.


Silence on the other end. John snapped the phone shut…

Puzzling. The battery in his phone must have gone out just as Bob clicked off. Hell, without electricity John couldn’t charge it back up to call the power company.


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