War Against The Weak: Eugenics And America’s Campaign To Create A Master Race – by Edwin Black (2008)

War Against The Weak

If you thought that eugenics was something invented by Hitler, think again. The eugenics movement actually began in the United States. This book is the most complete history ever written on the subject, and is very well documented. There are about 100 pages at the end telling you specifically where the author got his information. Mr. Black pulled information not only from US health records, but from records stored in England and Germany.

It was shocking to read that people in our own country would rate others, decide who was good enough to have children, and do whatever they could to prevent the undesirables from reproducing. This was the first step in making a more perfect human race. The pattern of the movement was to push as hard as it could until the public began to protest, then back off, and when people seemed to have forgotten, try again. It was a never-ending cycle that continues today.

This is a difficult book to read. No one enjoys reading about people being mis-used or abused. But even if you can read only part of this book, it will make you more aware of the tactics and strategies used by the eugenics organizations.


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