This Side Of Heaven – by Karen Kingsbury (2009)

This Side Of Heaven

Josh Warren is still young – in his early 30’s – but life is not turning out the way he had hoped. He’s a disappointment to his parents, who expected him to choose something more prestigious than being a tow-truck driver. While out with his truck, a drunk runs him down, leaving Josh in a permanent state of chronic pain. He collects disability, and waits for the injury settlement from the insurance company

A woman contacts Josh, claiming their short fling resulted in the birth of a daughter – Savannah, and she wants money. He wants to meet the little girl, but the mother says no. Josh’s family is embarrassed about the whole situation, and says the child probably isn’t his anyways. Meanwhile, the little girl is living with a mother who abuses alcohol and drugs, and drags her along to the park to panhandle.

Life often leaves us feeling powerless to change the situations we find ourselves in. Like Josh, sometimes all we can do is pray fervently to our heavenly Father, and leave things in His hands. God works some things out in a way that makes us happy in this lifetime, but other issues won’t be fixed this side of heaven.

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