The Secret Rescue: An Untold Story Of American Nurses And Medics Behind Nazi Lines – by Cate Lineberry (2013)

The Secret Rescue

This is the story of a group of medics and nurses from the 807th Medical Air Evacuation Transport that was on its way to pick up a group of wounded soldiers in 1943. En route, they were chased by German aircraft, and ended up crashing in Albania. It was one of the worst places they could have landed. None of the team knew the language, and they had no map. Their coats and shoes were not warm enough. Two different Albanian groups were fighting for political control. And the Nazis had invaded the country, loosely controlling it.

The transport nurses and medics spent months trying to survive while working their way back to Italy. The people of Algeria didn’t know what to do with them, as most were living in poverty themselves. But kind citizens hid them, shared a little food with them, and tried to guide them to safety. The trip should have only been about 60 miles, but because they often had to flee in the opposite direction of German soldiers or warring nationals, the trip ended up being hundreds of miles on foot. This is an amazing World War II story of triumph over adversity.

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