Safely Home – by Randy Alcorn (2001, 2011)

Safely Home


Have you ever run into an old college friend many years later? You might find that you can pick back up that friendship instantly, or you may find that you no longer have anything in common. “Safely Home” is the story of a friendship between Ben, a business student, and his Chinese roommate, Li Quan. Ben shares his faith with Li Quan, who also becomes a follower of Jesus before returning to his homeland.

Fast forward 20 years. Ben travels to China, attempting to help his company expand their business, and lives with Li Quan. By now, it is Ben who has no faith, and Li Quan tries to lead him back to God. The story deals a lot with the daily persecution that Chinese believers endure. How far would you be willing to go in living what you believe?


Excerpt from chapter 2:

Is this the day I die? Li Quan asked himself the familiar question as he wiped sleep from his eyes. Why couldn’t he be courageous, like his father and great-grandfather?…

He’d asked himself the question every day since he was Shen’s age. Every day the answer had been no. But his father had taught him, “One day the answer will be yes, and on that day you must be ready.”

It was on a Sunday his great-grandfather Li Manchu had been beheaded. And it was also on a Sunday his father, Li Tong, lying in a beaten lump, had died in prison. Here in the cold predawn outside Pushan, it was another Sunday.

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