iWoz – by Steve Wozniak (2006)



Do you love reading about the early days of the personal computer? Then I would recommend Steve Wozniak’s autobiography. It covers the same times and events as the Steve Jobs’ biography, but I enjoyed this book more, for the following reasons:

1 – Wozniak wrote his own book, as opposed to Jobs having someone else write it for him. You can feel the enthusiasm of Woz as he directly tells the story.

2 – It’s not as long. The Jobs’ biography was good but overly detailed. Woz sticks to the things he thought were important, and skipped the rest.

3 – Woz is more compassionate and caring. His attitude of wanting to share what he had made was so much more inspiring than Jobs’ cut-throat style.

The book covered the things you could want to know about Steve Wozniak – his childhood, his shy years, the pranks he played, working with Jobs, making the Apple computer, his marriage and children, and his relationship with the people he worked with. It was just the right length, and a very enjoyable read.


Excerpt from pages 222-223:

“I decided I was going to offer to sell some stock really cheap to people who deserved it. Regular employees didn’t get all the stock options the executives did. Which wasn’t fair. So I came up with something I called the Woz Plan. Any engineer or marketing person could buy 2,000 shares from me at a really low price of $5. Almost everybody who participated in the Woz Plan ended up being able to buy a house and became relatively comfortable…

Then there was the matter of some of our earliest employees who didn’t get stock at all… they offered the inspiration that really allowed me to do the great stuff. I thought of them as part of the family, part of the family that had helped me design the Apple I and Apple II computers. I gave each of them stock worth about a million dollars.”


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