Hit The Road – by Caroline B. Cooney (2006)

Hit The Road

Brit has just gotten her driving permit, and is itching to get behind the wheel. When her parents go out of town and leave her with her grandmother, she finds the opportunity. Nannie is trying to get to her 65th high school reunion, along with her dearest friends. So Brit ends up being the designated driver for the senior ladies, with mishaps along the way. By the end of the road trip, she and Nannie know each other much better. This is a gem of a little book that you can read in an evening.



“When Brit and her parents got to Nannie’s house that morning, Nannie was standing outside in the rain, holding her handbag and looking around the front yard as if she were shopping at the mall…

Brit’s mother shouted to penetrate Nannie’s deafness. “We’re early, Mother! I’m worried about traffic. Here’s Brit.”

“I told you I cannot keep Brit this week,” said her grandmother.

“Nannie!” said Brit, hurt.

“I reminded you twice,” yelled Brit’s mother. “We’re spending two weeks in Alaska and Brit’s staying with you.”

“And twice,” said Nannie, trembling, “I explained that I cannot take care of Brit. I have plans.”

“You’re eighty-six,” muttered Brit’s mother. “You don’t have plans.”


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